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We live in a broken world. Man has brought many species from around the world that become invasive species here in America. The carps, the starling, the snakehead, the house mouse and the fire ant are just some of the species that are well established here and negatively impact our local species. We at Carpbusters seek to encourage sportsmen to harvest these invasive species at every opportunity. Our goal is simple,we want to educate about and promote the responsible harvest of invasive species. Because of that goal we promote bowfishing tourneys, rod n reel snakehead tourneys and public events of all types.

We are a virtual library of articles and news on invasive species. We participate in events around the country and you can meet other like minded folks on our face book page. So drop by say hello go to "school" here on the website and then get out there and have some fun. Harvesting invasives is one of the greenest things you can do, so have fun ,be proud and aim low.


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